The Inspired Professional

During a time when more people are dissatisfied with their jobs than ever before, The Inspired Professional (TIP) was created to discover stories of individuals who have made a positive change in their career and learn from their experiences.

TIP 7: Faye Albulario

In this episode, Cathleen chats to Faye Albulario a Registered Nurse turned Professional Stylist. They discuss how she discovered her true passion and took the leap from a healthcare field into a creative one.

Faye Albulario is a qualified personal stylist who, growing up, knew she wanted to help others and make a difference in peoples’ lives. After conversations with family, Fae pursued a career in nursing and achieved her ultimate goal of becoming a Nurse Unit Manager, before realising where her true passions lay.

Today, Fae holds a Masters of Advanced Professional Styling and has combined her love for styling and helping others to create Style with Fae. Here, she delves into human behaviour to help others understand the deeper meaning behind clothing. With every client, Fae is committed to instilling confidence and unburying hidden potential to deliver the most transformational experience.

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