TIP 5: Daniel Cheng – Investment Banking to Medicine

In this episode, I chat to Daniel Cheng a former Investment Banker who is now studying Medicine. We discuss his career journey thus far and his advice for people thinking about making a switch.

Daniel and I have been friends since high school and we’ve often discussed the topic of careers and why so many people feel unfulfilled with their current jobs. Listen to the end to hear Daniel’s thoughts on this very matter. I think he articulates the issues pretty well and I definitely agree with him on the pervasive nature of social media contributing to people’s dissatisfaction. Hope you enjoy this episode!

Daniel Cheng is a former Investment Banker now studying Medicine at the University of Sydney. He decided to make the switch after one year of full time work and hasn’t looked back since. Daniel is currently in Orange, undertaking a rural clinical placement as part of the third year of his medical degree.

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