TIP 7: Faye Albulario – Registered Nurse turned Professional Stylist

Fae is a qualified personal stylist from Melbourne, Australia. Her love for fashion and styling started at a young age, where she would play dress-ups in her wardrobe and be the go-to source for outfit advice to family and friends.

Growing up, Fae always knew she wanted to help others and make a difference in peoples’ lives. A go-getter herself, she managed to achieve her goals in Nursing while still maintaining her love for fashion and styling. It wasn’t until she became a Nurse Manager, that she realised where her true passions lied.

Today, Fae has combined her passions to create Style with Fae. Here, her passions go beyond fashion, as she delves into human behaviour to help you understand the deeper meaning behind what we wear. She is highly regarded for her fresh perspective, attention to detail, and empathetic nature.

Holding a Masters of Advanced Professional Styling, Fae thrives off providing the highest level of personal service and is driven by the desire to make a real difference. With every client, she is committed to instilling confidence and unburying hidden potential to deliver the most transformational experiences.

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